Select Captain “Comes in Waves” (Soundchest Records 2020)

As previously covered in these pages, ‘Comes in Waves’, the latest album from Select Captain (Danes Kristian Gaarskjær and Søren Vestergaard) has been drip-fed to its audience in the shape of three EPs, imaginatively entitled Part I, Part II and Part III, a process which has taken almost a year. Parts I and II have four tracks each and Part III just three tracks, but the whole – the finally released album – is greater than the sum of its parts, as there are twelve tracks. Clever, huh? Continue reading “Select Captain “Comes in Waves” (Soundchest Records 2020)”

Video: Select Captain “Get Me Out of here”

Here is the dreamy video for ‘Get Me Out of Here’, the most recent single from Select Captain.  The atmospheric song is taken from the EP, ‘Comes in Waves, Part 2’.  Select Captain was formerly the solo project of Kristian Gaarskjær but he has now been joined by multi-instumentalist and song-writer Søren Vestergaard.  The duo combine acoustic and electronic sounds to create a melodic soundscape.  The EP is the second in a trilogy series, charting a personal journey, which will ultimately be released as a full album.

Select Captain “Comes in Waves – Part 2 ” EP (Soundchest Records, 2020)

Select Captain have taken the Charles Dickens approach to releasing an album… one bit at a time. Or more precisely one EP of – in the case of Part 2 certainly – four tracks. Whilst this approach isn’t exactly original, Part 2 of ‘Comes In Waves’ should make the listener sit up in anticipation for Part 3, for this EP is an interesting and enjoyable collection of songs. Continue reading “Select Captain “Comes in Waves – Part 2 ” EP (Soundchest Records, 2020)”