Seth Anderson “We Could Be” (Snappy Little Numbers, 2020)

When you looked at the picture on the front of this album it makes you recall that there was a time when the cover art of a vinyl album could be attractive or distinctive enough to at least make you stop, if not buy – obviously, that was the idea.  The ‘Run-down Gas Station’, photo on the front of this offering had the same effect; eye-catching and intriguing – just what a cover should be. Continue reading “Seth Anderson “We Could Be” (Snappy Little Numbers, 2020)”

Seth Anderson “Take Away The Sad” – Listen

A second single from Canadian Seth Anderson, taken from his recently released album ‘We Could Be.‘ The album’s a mix of full band numbers and songs that are just Seth and his guitar.  ‘Take Away the Sad‘ is one of the band songs. Continue reading “Seth Anderson “Take Away The Sad” – Listen”