The Deer “Do No Harm” (Keeled Scales, 2019)

The Deer are a five-piece band from Austin, TX. They describe themselves as ‘indie folk’, which is slightly disingenuous, because on this evidence they offer far more than that rather limiting label might suggest. Sure, there are elements of folk in their sound (the instrumentation includes fiddle and mandolin), but they also use synthesizers and on balance they are more likely to appeal to those approaching them from the direction of thoughtful, intelligent and literate American rock. The most obvious reference point is Mazzy Star, but The Deer are in no way derivative; quite the opposite in fact, their sound is genuinely unique and distinctive. Continue reading “The Deer “Do No Harm” (Keeled Scales, 2019)”

The Deer “Swoon” Listen

Leading off with a stately piano line, ‘Swoon‘ is the third single from The Deer’s new album ‘Do No Harm.’  It showcases the band’s psych-folk stylings, as it quickly gives way to a wordy tongue-twisting verse buoyed along by a catchy folk arrangement, with equally prominent mandolin and drums before finally and exuberantly launching spacewards. Continue reading “The Deer “Swoon” Listen”