Pick of the Political Pops: Warren Zevon “Lawyers, Guns and Money”

This weeks televisual highlight at Americana-UK Towers came as tuned in to watch the American presidential debate. We say debate but it was more like a primary school spat between spoiled brats except worse. No one came out of it covered in glory particularly (although we are loathe to take sides) the incumbent and the moderator. This is the most powerful country in the world we are talking about and one expects them to be able to at least have a sensible discussion, lay out some policy detail and debate the pros and cons of each’s position. Perhaps we expect too much. It is also worth pointing out that this web magazine is not American but rather exists due to a love of that country and more particularly its music. We just thought that they could do better. Continue reading “Pick of the Political Pops: Warren Zevon “Lawyers, Guns and Money””

Classic Americana Albums: Warren Zevon “Warren Zevon” (Asylum, 1976)

With his third album release, ‘Excitable Boy’ Warren Zevon hit the charts with the single ‘Werewolves of London’. It is still his best-selling album overall. But the self-titled album that preceded it set the seal on his reputation as a songwriter and performer. With the support of his producer Jackson Browne, he had a cast of the L.A. scene’s great and good to draw on and some fine songs of which Linda Ronstadt alone covered four. Continue reading “Classic Americana Albums: Warren Zevon “Warren Zevon” (Asylum, 1976)”

10 Americana songs with a boxing theme

Listening to the excellent new Matt Hill album ‘Savage Pilgrims’ I was particularly struck by the track ‘Bendigo’ which tells the story of a 19th century Nottinghamshire prizefighter. It set me thinking about boxing-themed songs and how I’d not really heard such a good one in some while. So here I present to you ten more boxing-themed songs. Continue reading “10 Americana songs with a boxing theme”

Ten great “Los Angeles” songs

Los Angeles seems like some kind of paradise from its iconic images and its magnetic pull on many who work in the visual and audio arts. Yet in song it can seem a much bleaker place than the constant sunshine of the sunshine state might lead one to imagine – it seems to retain the darkness of the long vanished LA of Phillip Marlowe. In music it’s a place that people seem to be going to go, or going from, pining for or wishing they could throw off. Let’s take a bit of a stroll down those wide boulevards – but let’s at least try and save Hollywood for another occasion. Continue reading “Ten great “Los Angeles” songs”

Here’s 10 americana songs with great lyrics

Given the way in in which people typically consume music nowadays, all too often the lyrics are sidelined, if not completely overlooked. But great lyrics are often what make the best songs truly memorable. The following is the first in an occasional series about songs with great lyrics. Mark Underwood explains what makes the following 10 tracks so special. Continue reading “Here’s 10 americana songs with great lyrics”

Warren Zevon book collection goes up for auction

Although you may need to take early retirement to enjoy them all (and if you’re already retired, this whole post is laced with envy).  Stereogum reports: “Late singer and songwriter Warren Zevon’s heroes were writers and classical musicians. That’s clear by the “Werewolves Of London” singer’s large and eclectic library of books now for sale. The collection of nearly 1,000 books includes copies signed by authors with personal notes to Zevon.” Continue reading “Warren Zevon book collection goes up for auction”