Zach Aaron “Fill Dirt Wanted” (Independent, 2020)

From the delicious black humour on the album sleeve to the 12 songs of down home rambles contained within, ‘Fill Dirt Wanted’, the third album from Texan Zach Aaron, is a delight from start to finish. Recorded in Oklahoma, the album finds Aaron seeking succour from that old Okie, Woody Guthrie while maintaining a fine Texas voice with songs reminiscent of Guy Clark, Willie Nelson and Terry Allen. Recorded live straight to tape with a small ensemble, there’s a vibrancy to the songs which range from humorous talking blues to songs addressing the human condition and its attendant woes. Throughout the album, Aaron shines, his voice honest and earnest, an engineer of the human soul. Continue reading “Zach Aaron “Fill Dirt Wanted” (Independent, 2020)”

Track Premiere: Zach Aaron “Fill Dirt Wanted”

Texas singer-songwriter Zach Aaron captures that classic casual folk-country sound on ‘Fill Dirt Wanted‘ which captures him “running from my family, running from my fear, running from anything that gets too near” before wearily admitting that a life of tumult and avoidance are the dues that have to be paid – “those rock bottom blues are a bar-room poet’s dream.Continue reading “Track Premiere: Zach Aaron “Fill Dirt Wanted””