Track Premiere: Zach Aaron “Fill Dirt Wanted”

Texas singer-songwriter Zach Aaron captures that classic casual folk-country sound on ‘Fill Dirt Wanted‘ which captures him “running from my family, running from my fear, running from anything that gets too near” before wearily admitting that a life of tumult and avoidance are the dues that have to be paid – “those rock bottom blues are a bar-room poet’s dream.

The song is the title track of his new, and third, album which is due out on May 10th.  ‘Fill Dirt Wanted‘ has an intimate and close up sound – to the listener it’s like being just a few feet away from Zach Aaron as he sings in some dusty room.  We can’t guarantee that it was dusty – but that sound is achieved because that’s exactly how the album was recorded – entirely live in a room, straight to analog tape with no added effects or production flourishes.

Born on an Army base Zach Aaron rebelled by joining the Air Force – and after six years of that he continued to hone his musical skills whilst working for a fence company and later on took a nothing more Texan job working an oil field, before finally going all-in for music.  How much this all influenced an album that features tales about paranormal activity, the Civilian Conservation Corp, and a good for nothin’ local train system it is hard to say, but Zach Aaron is the real deal, you can hear it in his voice, his guitar playing, his lyrics and, right now, on this song.

Photo: Kayla Raborn

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