Ted Silar “That One Last Rose” – every petal is gone

Photo: Hub Willson

Seems like we’re having a slightly retro-week here at Tracks central, it just happens that way, there’s no great plan.  ‘That One Last Rose‘ is an offering to all those who’ve been hankering after some classic Honky-Tonk tinged heartbreak.  Love, it has been lost along the way – where once there was a bountiful bouquet of roses now there’s just one last faded flower.

It is, more or less, the title song to Ted Silar’s new album ‘Last Rose‘ which was released on the 30th of December.   It features, like the album, some true musical legends with Byron Berline and Dan Dugmore both playing on ‘That One Last Rose‘ with Ted Silar contributing everything else.  Speaking of Byron Berline’s contribution to the album Ted Silar told Americana UK: “Those three tracks on my album are all I have of him, and there ain’t gonna be no more. And I think he ought to be better known. He was a great guy.

His day job may be a college English Professor, but Ted Silar has had a long passion for music and he has played rock ‘n’ roll at high school hops, blues in Texas roadhouses, country in rural fire halls, jazz piano in smoky cocktail lounges, sung Bach in Saxony and twelve-tone music a cappella.  Ted Silar’s take on invoking a bygone musical time is that “I like that kind of music from the 40s, 50s, 60s.  And so I’m doing it. Kind of like Tony Bennett. He didn’t pay attention to trends.

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