Terra Lightfoot “Consider the Speed” (Sonic Unyon Records, 2020)

Canuck Terra Lightfoot has been no stranger to our shores since her debut in 2011. From festivals to private concerts Terra Lightfoot has been making a name for herself across the world.  A rock troubadour who riffs like Neil Young and sings like K.D Lang; maybe it’s a Canadian thing? ‘Consider the Speed‘ is Lightfoot’s fourth album in her near-decade long career, and her music shows no signs of slowing down. Over 2020 she staying busy and creating and played a series of online festival performances and digital shows. Her grungy electric riffs, driving rock, showcase an excellent slow alt-rock country album and a solid continuation of her canon. There is a well-appreciated strong hint at 70s folk-rock in this album, balanced with a 90s alt-rock; Either way, it is no acoustic record.

The first single ‘Paper Thin Walls‘ sounds paper-thin at first listen but turns out to be brick-solid. Lyrics like “your heart is a cherry tree and I’m trying to learn Japanese” are evocative and wistful and not as sweet as they sound. ‘It’s Over Now‘ is heartily welcomed Crazy Horse-style Canadian grunge country; A vitriolic yet lighthearted poke at ended relationships.  The tight harmonies on ‘Midnight Choir‘ can not help but evoke the summer feelings of Crosby, Stills and Nash. 
Consider the Speed‘ continues with the lyric “…at which you’re falling for me“, inviting a suitor to take their time rather than rushing which is something a listener must do to really appreciate the album; It paces itself like folk while driving like grunge. 

Terra Lightfoot's fourth album excels on both sides of the pond

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