Terra Lightfoot “Paper Thin Walls” – Listen

Paper Thin Walls’ is the new single from Terra Lightfoot’s upcoming studio album ‘Consider the Speed’ which will hit the streets on October 16th, on Sonic Unyon Records.  It’s the first new studio recordings from Lightfoot since ‘New Mistakes‘ which came out almost three years ago.

Despite appearing to decry the introduction of low-grade building regulations which provide insufficient sound-proofing in high occupancy housing, ‘Paper Thin Walls‘ is actually more concerned with matters of the heart and the way that criticism is delivered and, for that matter, received.  But let Terra Lightfoot explain: “I wrote this song about overhearing someone you love sharing some harsh words. I’ve tried to modulate my reactions to things like that, strived to be calmer in my interactions even when I feel strongly. ‘Paper Thin Walls’ is about having your heart run over by someone who never really comes through.

And, in case you’re concerned about an apparent breach of Americana UK site etiquette – fear not!  The Video Editor has sanctioned the listing of this video as a “Lyric video“, and so our clearly marked demarcation has not been breached and we continue forward in a spirit of musical solidarity.  Which is nice.

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