The Barley Jacks “I’ve Just Seen A Face” – Bluegrassed Beatles

Of course it’s the Beatles song, but here it has been fully bluegrassed.   It’s got more than just the obvious connection to the UK though as Brian Wicklund of The Barley Jacks told us “On a whim, I worked this one up for a UK tour and loved how at every show the entire audience knew the lyrics and sang along with me in harmony.  It was only a matter of time until we recorded it.

This recording – the only cover song – is from The Barley Jacks’ new album ‘Coming Down the Mountain’, which hits the streets on November 19th.  The Barley Jacks add a little something to their bluegrass through the diverse backgrounds of the players – with backgrounds of blues and bluegrass, classical and Celtic, R & B and bebop.  The Barley Jacks are front–man and fiddler Brian Wicklund, Mike Cramer on guitar, Kevin Rowe on bass and Joel Arpin on percussion.

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I’ve Just Seen a Face was covered by The Dillards back in 1968 and there have been other bluegrass versions since then.