The Bean Pickers Union “Archeology” (Independent, 2019)

‘Archaeology’ by The Bean Pickers Union, a small collective of musicians based in Cambridge Massachusetts, can best be described as authentic Americana. It has got everything you would expect – banjo, pedal steels, and even a cello, whatever you are hoping to hear will be found on this album. The ten-track album takes you on a journey that visits old school folk and Americana that then leaves you up to date with a cool folk-rock feel at the end.

‘Archaeology’ proves that sometimes the simpler ideas are the most effective. ‘Failing Light’  is a ballad that relies strongly on violin, acoustic guitar, and vocals. It works beautifully on this melancholic song. This track is the only one of its kind on the album and it really stands out against the others. ‘Philemon’ is another song worth highlighting – a soft, haunting number that’s got an extra ghostly edge from its pedal steel sound.

With ‘Moonrocket’, the Bean Pickers Union finish with a real old fashioned toe-tapper, which brings a country flavour to the album.

A proper old school Americana sound

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