The Dream “Get Dreamy” (Round 2, 2017)

There is an almost limitless appetite amongst vinyl addicts for the ever more obscure or rare item released on their favoured medium and in their preferred musical genres. So there will be at least a muted cheer greeting this vinyl only re-issue of another example of Scandinavian psychedelia in the form of Get Dreamy by Norwegian band The Dream. This, the band’s only release, is at least a genuine nugget – dating as it does from 1967 – and it stands as a testament to the world conquering power of youth movements in music.

What does Norwegian psychedelia sound like ? Well, surprisingly close to a blend of English whimsical psychedelia and American garage bands – Get Dreamy is like a cocktail produced by shaking together July and Iron Butterfly – or maybe Blue Cheer if available – with a little sprinkling of the Spencer Davis Group. Being sung in English certainly helps bolster these comparisons. Certainly guitarist Terje Rypdals is inventive especially on the sprawling freak-out Ain’t no use although he shows his influences even more clearly on the Hendrixesque Jimi.

The whimsical, latin-flecked, Driftin’ is a typical reflection on altered states and expanded consciousness “I find things strange and new / that dogs can fly and the horses too / but somehow it’s ok / I feel good in a funny way”. Sure you do man, sure you do. Get Dreamy is certainly an interesting insight into the Norwegian take on the counter-culture but whilst there is some searing guitar work and quite out-there excursions in the lyrics the whole doesn’t feel like a really revolutionary classic – this is no Sgt Peppers or Forever Changes. It’s quirkily solid, but not solid gone.



Well…are you really experienced? Low level mixed-up psychedelia from the original era.

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