The End Of America “A Million Miles Of Low Road” – Listen

In the same way that The Milk Carton Kids have to endure endless comparisons to Simon & Garfunkel (poor, poor Milk Carton Kids), The End Of America are having to learn to shoulder the burden of comparisons to Crosby, Stills and Nash (poor, poor, The End Of America).  Still, if you must release a song like ‘A Million Miles of Low Road‘ with its perfect harmonies and gentle acoustic guitar what can you expect?

Songwriter James Downes says of the song’s origins “I was at one of my lowest points of last year. The news was blaring fear and destruction while my mind was looping sound bites of self doubt. Like most people, I grapple with seasonal and media inflicted depression, but this year was hard. I felt disconnected and far from my friends and family. My state of mind was anchorless, floating whichever way the tide pulled it.   When I started writing ‘A Million Miles of Low Road,’ my hope was that searching for words to describe whatever it was that was eating at me might set me on a path to actually be able to face myself every morning.

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