The Golden Roses “New Pal” – well, that’s quite a coincidence…

Well, you were promised a happier-sounding song and this is a happier-sounding song.  Unless you listen too closely to the lyrics in which case, guess what?  It’s a sad tale of a pair of break-ups, a cheating husband and a cheating wife.  Not a couple who are cheating independently, but one of each from different couples. And it’s the tale of how a new “friendship” is formed through adversity when the other halves of each couple just happen to meet in a bar, both looking for a bit of sorrow drowning.  Call us suspicious, but is this really a coincidence?  I mean, there are a lot of bars in Austin Texas, where The Golden Roses hail from.  Hundreds, so what are the odds?  Well, obviously if there are 100 bars and both decide to drink in a random one then it’s 1/100 (it really is probability fans, the first person picks a bar, and it doesn’t matter which one so it’s only the odds of the second person randomly picking the same bar that we are concerned with).  But ok, forget that, it happened by pure chance (wink).

New Pal‘ is the band’s first official recording featuring duet vocals from songwriter/guitarist John Mutchler and fiddle player Heather Rae Johnson.  John said of the song “After releasing ‘Devils in the Details’ [in 2021] and not being able to tour, I decided to use the downtime to write more for myself and Heather Rae to sing together. I wondered what it would be like for two strangers to meet in a bar the same night they both found out their significant others had been seeing each other, and ‘New Pal’ was born from there. Let’s face it, when Heather Rae steps to the mic, people go wild!

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