The Good Lovelies “Life On The Road” – Listen

Canada’s The Good Lovelies have a new release – a three song EP called ‘B-Sides‘.  The thing is though, that these are not rare B-Sides gathered together, they’re songs that didn’t quite manage to sneak onto earlier albums.  They could have called it ‘The Out Takes EP‘, but they didn’t.  Here’s the explanation straight from The Good Lovelies: “With three songwriters, it’s easy to find ourselves with an excess of music come album time. The goal of an album is to put forward the best package of songs from a larger collection of writing, which inevitably means that some favourites find their way to the cutting room floor. ‘B-Sides’ is made up of three of our favourites, recorded at three different studios, at three different times, with three different teams. We have now picked them up from where they were left, and polished them off so that we can at last share them with you.

So there you have it, reworked and polished up and sounding pretty darn good.  ‘Life on the Road‘ is a song of yearning for open spaces and new horizons, coupled with the sincere hope that no-one’s going to change at home, or drift away and go looking for, you know, open spaces and, err, new horizons.

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