The Herbert Bail Orchestra “Hold Your Own” – Listen

Los Angeles indie-folk rockers The Herbert Bail Orchestra have officially announced their sophomore LP, ‘History’s Made At Night’ and along with the announcement, the band have shared their new single ‘Hold Your Own’ which LA Record pitched as them “putting a Springsteen-style ethic into an indie Americana sound.” “I took five years to make this album—I’ve seen bands rise to great success and fall in the time I’ve been working on it,” vocalist Anthony Frattolillo says. “At some point, I wasn’t concerned with the idea that I should have released a follow-up four years ago, right after we had all of that momentum with the first album. I thought it was more important to get it right—that in the long run, in a hundred years when I’m dead and gone and somebody listens to this, they’re going to hear it and say, ‘Damn, this is good. It’s thoughtful,  intentional—it’s timeless.” Yeah alright Anthony!!!  (It is pretty good).

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