Pick of the Political Pops: Hank Williams “Cool Water”

It won’t have escaped the attention of UK based readers that it’s been a tad warm of late. So warm has it been, in fact, that we have taken to The Bunker at every opportunity to cool down with select beers and suitably frosty chasers. And, in extremis, the odd glass of chilled water. News has reached us that the water companies are mooting a restricted use policy on the old Adam’s Ale starting with hosepipes but who knows where it will end? These companies – ‘utilities’ – are privately owned organisations who operate on a for-profit basis which means that their principal goal is to pay dividends to shareholders. Not only that they are monopolies so the likes of you, I and everybody else have no choice but to source our water through them. We wonder if its fair that instead of doing useful stuff like fixing leaks (a statistic came to our attention that leaks cost each household the equivalent of 115 litres of water per day) or designing better reservoirs to hold enough reserves they take our money and give it to other people for essentially doing nothing. Of course we all used to own these utilities but someone sold them all off. We like these lyrics:

“Keep a-movin‘, Dan, don’t you listen to him, Dan
He’s a devil not a man
And he spreads the burning sand with water”

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