The Jayhawks “Bitter Pill” – Listen

‘Bitter Pill’ is the latest track to be lifted from the incoming Jayhawks album ‘XOXO’ which is due for release July 10th via Sham/Thirty Tigers, the band’s most collaborative and diverse record in their four-decade-long career. Gary Louris comments: “This is a rare example of me writing a story song. I tend toward stream of consciousness writing, but ‘Bitter Pill’ is a linear lyric that explores the tendency for always searching for the next fix of happiness, the missing piece… never being happy with what one has. It is really a continuation on the theme of my song ‘Lovers of the Sun’ from our ‘Paging Mr. Proust’ album. It is a theme that hits close to home for me. And the song really blossomed when my old pal and forever Jayhawk Stephen McCarthy played such beautiful and blistering B-Bender guitar on it.” Look out for our review of the album soon here on AUK.

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Great tune. Classic Jayhawks tone and vibe.

Andrew Riggs