The Love Sprockets “Chickadee” (Independent, 2019)

The Love Sprockets are a folk duet from Colorado, comprising husband and wife Jahnavi Newsom and Addison Rice, both singing and playing a plethora of instruments. Their second album ‘Chickadee’ is named after their daughter, who briefly saw the light of day but never touched the ground.

The tears they shed fertilized the grounds of their imagination and the seeds of love they kept blossomed into this musical piece. The eight tracks of ‘Chickadee’ include original material as well as a few old timey folk tunes (‘Amazing Grace’, ‘I Am Weary Let Me Rest‘). Newsom and Rice sure can play and have the music flowing into their veins. They also have a feel for passing their deepest emotions to their audience. No doubt their live shows must be fun to watch.

A deeply felt album that could be more polished

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