The Milk Carton Kids – new album announced

Photo: Brendan Pattengale

Rejoice, rejoice – The Milk Carton Kids return with a new album, ‘I Only See The Moon‘, which will be released on May 19th via Far Cry Records in partnership with Thirty Tigers.  It’s four years since their last full-length release, there may have been a few things that got in the way over the last years but inter-band feuding is not one of them. Both of us have now lived enough life to understand that maybe one of the purposes we were put on Earth for is to sing together, to write songs together, to make music together,” notes guitarist/vocalist Pattengale. “It has truly provided a direction for our lives.” Bandmate Joey Ryan chipped in that, “It’s like a successful marriage in that there’s always been enough there between us collaboratively in the way that we work together, sing together, play together. It’s a very special thing. And I don’t think we ever took that for granted.

The Tracklist for the new album is:

1. All Of The Time In The World To Kill
2. Star Shine
3. When You’re Gone
4. Wheels And Levers
5. I Only See The Moon
6. Running On Sweet Smile
7. One True Love
8. Body & Soul
9. North Country Ride
10. Will You Remember Me

and here’s a taster from the new album ‘All of the Time in the World To Kill‘ which may be less optimistic than that title may suggest.  The video, by the way, was directed by Kenneth Pattengal.  The Milk Carton Kids say of the song that “‘All Of The Time In The World To Kill’ deals with holding on to what’s most important in the face of loss and uncertainty.  Recording this track unlocked new colours and sonic approaches for us while maintaining a minimalist fingerprint.” 

The Milk Carton Kids have one gig planned for the UK – at The Union Chapel, scene of some of their previous triumphs, although their last UK gig was actually at The Barbican.  The gig is on May 20th.  Get ready to beat the bot’s when the tickets go on sale.

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