The Miserable Rich “Overcome”

Rags To Ruins 2024

A collection of thought-provoking songs with hidden depths.

The PR accompanying ‘Overcome’ states ‘The Miserable Rich return after a decade-long hiatus with their fourth album, born of trauma but also a testament to the joy of deep friendship’. Those who have previously enjoyed their English-layered, string-laden, chamber music style will not be disappointed. It has everything the previous albums have had but this time a little more. It sounds like a straightforward light-hearted album initially however further listening reveals the depth and structures that define their work. They have added piano and brass and electronics this time which give even more complexity and on ‘Taken ‘even a child’s voice.

James de Malplaquet’s voice is very distinctive and does seem to have a huge upper range in some cases almost falsetto. The harmonies on all the tracks are very nicely tailored and work very well, giving it an overall very rich feel, including an almost Pink Floydesc female addition on ‘Probably Will’. The mixture of speech and song on ‘If Only’ has given the track an almost nostalgic sensitivity.

The first single taken from the album ‘Crows’ paints a very bleak picture of a world on the brink of destruction where Crows become unexpected protagonists in a very dark foreboding atmosphere that man has created. Very intense Hitchcockian stuff. ‘Glue’ seems a very personal song about broken dreams and builds very slowly it includes strings towards the end and is a very moving song. ‘FHS’ is actually a very jolly affair with some nice New Orleans brass making it.

Overall, this is an extremely well-crafted album that has many subtle, interesting facets.  Will it bring the collective a whole new audience? That is open to debate and remains to be seen. Will it appeal to their current supporters who have been waiting ten years for new material? 100% yes.


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