The twelve days of the SXSW lineup: ten telecasters twanging

Editor’s note: Yes I know, but Christmas technically doesn’t finish until the 6th – humour us! The first and second waves of the 37th annual Texan showcase of new music SXSW lineup have been released, and once again, it looks to be the sound of tomorrow. The festival runs a full six days from March 10-19th, 2023 and registration for tickets is open now. You can see the ticket and lineup information in full at

Texas and March may be far away, but the music is always close. Americana UK journos trawled through the 400+ artists to bring you a list of what hot new Americana artists you could be playing next year. You heard them here first. This is day ten of a Twelve-part series that explores this showcase; enjoy all of these artists “ten telecasters twanging’, nine cowgirls dancing, eight whiskey a-slammin’, seven slides a slidin’, six gators layin, five rhinestone suits, four open roads, three fresh hats, two bald eagles, and a pardner in a pantry”.

Rett Smith:

For fans of Nick Cave, guitarist Rett Smith released his EP ‘Americana Drugs‘ last year as a follow-up to his debut album of 2020 and second album of 2021. After many years as a session musician in NY, LA and Nashville, Smith now resides in Texas.

The Scratch:

Dublin-based acoustic musicians have surprised the world since their debut album in 2019. The three-piece band have had releases in 2021 and 2022 and recently finished a Winter tour of the UK. With fast-paced Irish energy coupled with traditional instruments and good-time lyrics, they are an act not to be missed for fans of Dropkick Murphys.

Skye Wallace:

Combining soaring harmonies with shredding guitar, Toronto rock singer Skye Wallace is another Canadian triumph. Wallace has gone under the radar for the last decade, but with her fourth album released on Six Shooter Records and an accompanying “Terribly Good” tour, she is set to be recognised on the world’s stage.

Andrew Farriss:

Famously the keyboardist for INXS, Australian multi-instrumentalist Andrew Farriss released his self-titled solo album in 2021. Unsurprisingly it is nothing like INXS. Farris creates fun country numbers with close harmonies, a full rocking band, and guitars galore. He is still a hell of a performer and will be an excellent addition at SXSW.

Cimarron 615:

Describing themselves as “California rock with deep Nashville roots” and having an average age of 55*, these seasoned musicians have been around the scene and know how to make a good song. However, Cimarron 615 is a new band with their debut album out less than a month ago. The five-piece comprises session musicians who, between them, have played with pretty much everyone.

*pure speculation

You can read the previous article here:

The twelve days of the SXSW lineup: nine cowgirls dancing

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