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Don’t worry, we haven’t decided to instigate a short religious interlude for the site. Rather this is a moment to pause and reflect on what sort of country we want to live in. One where those who pay themselves in millions of pounds tell others that their jobs can go, or their salaries can reduce, or their pensions be eroded – or alternatively one where something better is on offer.  Is the future an inevitable erosion of employment protections?  Is there nothing better than the rush to the bottom with minimum wages, no job security and zero hours contracts?  Is there a way for employees to take a share as well?  Of course there is.

And if you’d like to hear a reasonable man explain in a reasonable way why it is absolutely his job to do the best for the people he represents, and that zero-hour contracts and a reduction in rail safety are not good things then have a listen here,  There are, as Mr Bragg has also explained, two sides to every story, it’s just we don’t often get to hear them.

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