Track Premiere: The Barlow “Josephine”

Photo: Tim Richter

Today’s Premiere features The Barlow who hail out of Denver but draw their inspiration from Texas country, Southern rock and outlaw country.  And whilst that’s fine as a start they are determined to find their own sound amongst that mix, and with their third album ‘New Year, Old Me‘ they feel as if they’re getting there as  Shea Boynton (vocals/guitar/banjo) has stated: “‘New Year, Old Me’ is a nod to those who never change, for better or worse.  While there’s a few narrative pieces, the songs are mostly based on personal experience. This record is a definite step towards our sound and what we do. Instead of comparing things to others’ sound or style, we aimed to make it our own.

Speaking of  ‘Josephine‘ Shea Boynton told us that “This was the first song we wrote for the album shortly after ‘Horseshoe Lounge’ was released. We played this song live all last year and added the harmony guitar solo to the recorded version. The song touches on heartbreak resulting in a sense of desperation.

The Barlow are Shea Boynton on vocals, guitar, and banjo; Troy Scoope on bass; Ben Richter on drums; and Brad Johnson on guitar and vocals.  ‘New Year, Old Me’ is out this coming Friday.

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