Tom Cheshire Band “I Can’t Hold On” – Still trying to though

We like a good pun, so had to smile that producer Randy Michael had lovingly dubbed the sound of today’s song “Johnny Clash” – rightfully pinning down that the sound evokes a combination of Joe Strummer and Johnny Cash recording a rough and ready song at Jamaica’s Studio One in the 1960s.  He might have added “Felicitous Johnny Clash“, for there’s surely also a hint of The Felice Brothers as well on this.

The song is taken from the new solo album ‘Everything Is New Again‘  which features band mates from Tom Cheshire’s decades of making music, as he explains “My best friends and I have been playing together in one variation or another for the last 25 years – when we first met, we dove into music, art, poetry, film—we opened our minds and really let ourselves get turned on and inspired. TCB is my solo project, but it’s still a band, a group, a gang. I’m lucky that me and all these guys have remained such great friends. It had been years since we all played together, so making ‘Everything Is New Again’ was a way to reconnect. Our fondness for each other—our genuine concern and caring and love for each other—is palpable. We’ve always been there for each other. It’s a testament to our beautiful friendships.”

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