Video: Laena Myers “Give ‘Em Hell”

‘Give ‘Em Hell’ is the recent single from LA singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Laena Myers.  It’s an absorbing, dreamy song that was written six months after Myers’ father passed away.  She explains: “We were very close.  One night before I got on stage he stopped me and said, ‘Give ‘em hell, kid,’ and this phrase has become a mantra to me, to not hold back and give it my ALL. Many of these songs come from heavy times but there is always the glimmer of a brighter tomorrow. Reach out when you need to, move through the gears and you’ll come out the other side.”  There’s real power in her intimate, heart-felt lyrics: “A new year is dawning today…I still hear you say, ‘Give ’em hell kid,” and this could be a mantra for us all this year.

Myers’ hypnotic vocal flows on truly compelling melodic currents as the instrumentation steadily builds and the rhythm pulses.  It’s beautiful stuff and the first single to be taken from Myers’ debut album ‘LUV (Songs Of Yesterday)’, which is due to be released on 23rd February 2024.  Formerly known as Laena Geronimo and L.M.I. / Laena Myers-Ionita, Myers is known as the singer, guitarist and songwriter for rock band FEELS, as well as playing in pop group The Like and goth-punk band  A classically-trained violinist, Myers is clearly comfortable in a range of genres, blending styles and creating something distinctive and new.  She explains:  “I have one of those brains that thrives on variety, when I have to get creative on the spot and navigate the unknown.  I love working with different artists and styles of music. I get into the headspace of a song, the heart of what’s being expressed. Each interaction leaves an imprint on me.”  The guitar-based rock and punk combines with her classical training and experimental side and the result is intriguing.

After supporting others with their music, this is the first time that the composer and respected session player/singer has put her own name to her work.  Myers continues: “For me this new solo venture is about setting aside my armour to embrace vulnerability.  This is my first release where I’m not hiding behind anything, and even though I’ve been writing songs and playing music since I can remember, releasing this record has been a really long process. I’ve come from a place of being a really shy person to one where I feel I can share my most tender feelings publicly, even finding strength in it, and I’m realising I can also connect with people on a deeper level this way too.”  The songs on the new record are deeply personal and reinforce the theme of finding strength in vulnerability.  On this evidence, the gifted Myers promises to be one to watch.

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