Track Premiere: Arthur C. Lee “Moonglow”

Arthur C. Lee decided his path at a young age – with two aims.  Firstly he wanted to be with those who understood where he came from and to take in the silence and simplicity of nature. And secondly ,when he started playing the guitar at 12, he knew he wanted to play music that would affect people to their core. He remembers playing a simple etude on his guitar days before moving out of his childhood home, and his mother crying in the kitchen when hearing the song. Or the lovers dancing on the lawn as his band closed out the summer evening. And the echo in the room when he heard his father play ‘Amazing Grace’ on the saxophone for the first time. His songs are a reflection of these simple moments that are, sometimes, the most meaningful.

Arthur C. Lee’s cover of ‘Moonglow’ is a celebration of this swing-era popular song with a modern twist.  Crooning vocals and lush guitars add a syrupy layer on top of the classic sounds of upright bass beating alongside drums played with brushes. Lee sings and plays guitars, with guest appearances from pedal steel aficionado Paul Brainard (Richmond Fontaine), Casey Tuck on drums, and Arcellus Sykes on upright bass.  Somehow it just seems to suit the season.

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