Track Premiere: Beau Jennings and the Tigers “People In This Town”

Beau Jennings and the Tigers are releasing their new single ‘People in This Town‘ on June 9th on Oklahoma-based record label Black Mesa Records; it follows in a similar vein to their well-received 2022 full-length release ‘Heavy Light,‘ that is to say solidly blue-collar rock in the Springsteen mode.

Beau Jennings drew inspiration for the song from the imagined lives of regulars at a real bar in his hometown of Norman, Oklahoma.  It’s a song that sees that last late-night bar as a refuge, that becomes a destination for a variety of reasons, good and bad.  In reality, the bar that inspired the song is a much-beloved institution that plays host to its regulars’ holiday celebrations, bachelorette parties, musical projects, and more. It’s a micro-community, and most people moving past would have no idea – it has no windows, so only those who venture past the door would ever find out.

Beau Jennings regards his songbook as becoming increasingly personal now he has hit his forties, his development of ever more hooky tunes he puts down to the assistance of The Tigers – guitarist Chase Kerby, drummer Dustin Ragland, organist Chris Wiser and bassist and sound engineer Michael Trepagnier.

And you are right – your eyes do not deceive you, this track is a video – well, it seemed a shame to waste it…

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