Track Premiere: Ceiling Spirits “The Bloodwren Pt II”

Ceiling Spirits are something of a supergroup – spearheaded by composer and multi-instrumentalist Mario Quadracci, Ceiling Spirits also features talents such as Bryan Devendorf  of The National; Yoed Nir who has played violin with Of Montreal, Mountain Goats amongst others; Rob Schwimmer on piano who has worked with Paul Simon and Willie Nelson;Peter Katis produced the new album from Ceiling Spiriys, and his background includes The National, Interpol, Mercury Rev, Kurt Vile, Sharron Van Etten, Jonsí, and Frightened Rabbit.  The new album, by the by, is Ceiling Spirits’ second release, it is called ‘Bloodwren‘ and is out on March 22nd.

Bloodwren Pt. II’  is a intriguing piece of music – there’s drone-folk in here, but also the disturbing film music of John Carpenter as well as modern rock sensibilities.  Huge vistas seem to unfold as the tune reveals itself over more than eight minutes – if it were matched with a movie then it would surely be something of the folk-horror genre.

Mario Quadracci has said of today’s instrumental track: “The Bloodwren Pt. II was meant to have a sort of dichotomy to it. On one hand, the music over the first few minutes, is meant to convey something a bit menacing and with a lot of power being confounded by its circumstance. It grows increasingly frustrated and exertional even as it makes no progress towards its goals. On the other hand, the last bit of the piece is more resigned. I imagine someone fundamentally innocent who is falling endlessly— like off a cliff, or something—and just increasingly surrenders to a sort of gracious, euphoric despair. It seems to me like these conflicting moods have melded into something incoherent and inescapable that has informed a lot of recent history.”

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This is incredible. Massive sounding.