Track Premiere Clint Alphin “Another Highway Song”

Small towns are nothing to be ashamed of, but they can be constraining “there ain’t no fast lane in this town” sings Clint Alphin, adding in the voices of local low ambition “there ain’t no leaving here once you’re born / don’t set your sights higher than the corn / Don’t you get ideas son you’ll miss your mama’s cooking.”  Which, again, is fine – but Clint Alphin does offer an alternative view on this acoustic guitar driven country song.

Clint Alphin told us about the song which was “Co-written with award-winning bluegrass songwriter John Pennell, this song evokes the irresistible romanticism of traveling the open road with a guitar and an imagination. It works as both a classic driving-beat road song and an anthem to those who choose to chart their own path instead of settling for the weathered and conventional steps of those who trade dreams and adventure for conformity and convention. Success isn’t guaranteed for the song’s protagonist, but not trying is the fast road to failure. John and I talked about what it was like to have big dreams in a little town, and to be looked at a bit cockeyed for not getting on board and settling for small-town life. Even though we are separated by at least a generation, our experiences weren’t all that different. I think there are a lot of those touchstones on this album; very relatable sentiments and experiences with some humour thrown in for good measure.

Another Highway Song‘ is taken from Clint Alphin’s fifth album ‘The End at the Beginning.


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Clint Alphin

Thanks for the great write-up. Happy to finally share this new song with everyone!