Track Premiere: Devin Sinha “If You Can”

Devin Sinha is a singer/songwriter living in Seattle, hailing from Midwestern roots as he spent his formative years around Kansas City.  His music is a sophisticated folk blend which is grounded in finger-picked guitar enriched with resonant strings to deliver poetical lyrics.  As on today’s premiere ‘If You Can,‘ which pleads for forgiveness when the scales of love show too clearly where the lack, the deficit of affection, is. 

It is a song taken from Sinha’s fifth album ‘Liminal Space‘ which saw him marking a different artistic approach to his music.  Previous releases had gone in to the recording process fully formed – Devin Sinha had crafted his songs and knew what he was going to lay down.  Not so with ‘Limnal Space‘ which was built up a piece at a time.  It was, as he explains, a liberating approach “It took away the pressure of trying to make songs that sounded cohesive upfront and allowed me to focus on making each individual track the best it could be.

It did come at a cost – taking a year to come together to the point where the artist was satisfied with his creation  ‘Liminal Space‘ is out on the 23rd October.

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