Track Premiere: Elisha Marin “Shining Out”

Shining Out‘ is the title track of Elisha Marin’s debut album which is released today.  It’s an uplifting plea for a bit more unity and a bit less rancour: “I can see a light in my country and it’s shining out / Everyone together as family no more no more messing around / Embracing all of our differences in every town.

Elisha Marin is a self-taught singer-songwriter, visual artist, and teacher who directs an arts nonprofit in rural Southern Minnesota.  Elisha lives in a former opera house and is passionate about historic building restoration and art history. The title track for ‘Shining Out‘ was written in response to the Charleston Church Shooting. ‘Shining Out‘ is a song of hope for the future, featuring the voices of over 100 students and friends. This album was recorded and produced by Matt Patrick at the Library Recording Studio in Minneapolis. Performing on the album are Aaron Fabbrini on pedal steel and bass guitar, Zach Miller on percussion, Matt Patrick on various instruments, and from Nashville, Tennessee, Alissa Klein on vocals.

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