Track Premiere: Hank! “Why Go”

Hank Close makes music under the name Hank!, and to be honest we don’t know why.  Not, why does he make music, take a listen to ‘Why Go‘ and you’ll know why he makes music, it’s the “!” we don’t have a clue about.  Hey, musicians, am I right?  ‘Why Go‘ is a new track from Hank!’s to be released this October album ‘Guilty Pleasures (Are the Best Ones).’  It’s a song that, like two preciously released singles is, Hank! explains “more or less about relationships,  Even though the lyrics focus on specific situations, they can reference any number of events I’ve experienced throughout my life. That’s part of the beauty of songwriting as far as I’m concerned. You can write a song describing one particular set of circumstances, but oftentimes they find connections to similar emotions and events that transpire later on. Eventually, over time, the songs find a common thread.”

Hank! says the song is “A fictional argument between a couple. I’m keen on the off kilter drum fills.”  So are we.  And the true to life lyrics: “Why go when I don’t know their names?  Why go if I can’t even explain? Why go when you know I’ll be bored?  Why go when you don’t like me anymore?”  Good questions.

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