Track Premiere: Jenny Parrott “I Thought”

I Thought‘ is taken from Jenny Parrott’s second album, ‘The Fire I Saw‘, which arrives on November 12th.  It sees the Austin based singer-songwriter taking the measure of a relationship and seemingly finding failings on both sides.  However Parrott explains that it came from a darker place, being “written as a response to an abusive relationship at a time in my life where I swore I’d cut out people with violence in their repertoire.

The new album wasn’t recorded exactly as Jenny Parrott had planned –  for a start it’s somewhat shorter than it might have been had Covid not intervened, as she explained “I had to give the album a makeover because I was planning on having all my buds come over and finish it in the home studio. Most of my friends in Austin are rootsy-type players, so it would have had that feel. But I was stuck at home in a damp cul-de-sac, and I was scared of the virus, and didn’t want anyone in my space.”  Teaching herself Logic, and putting her Roland Juno into overdrive, Parrott spent time testing and tweaking her favorite synth patches until she had whittled the album down to the “eight that I felt were okay.

Some have said more than ok – Kinky Friedman for example is on record as saying that Parrott creates “the best songs I’ve heard since Christ was a cowboy!” And doubtless that’s going straight on the T-Shirt once touring starts up again properly.

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