Track Premiere: Joe Rian and the A.M. Drinkers “I’m Gonna Love You”

Joe Rian has what one might describe as an interesting life.  The Chicago based singer was adopted as an infant and raised in Rock Falls, Illinois.  He moved out of the U.S. Midwest after flunking out of college and scraped a living by working multiple minimum wage grinds. His main gig was sweating away at a gold and silver refinery on the west side of Phoenix, AZ. Other jobs included telemarketing, pouring concrete, releasing and then chasing hot air balloons, moving appliances, and a very short stint collecting outstanding debts for…well, for some people you didn’t want to cross.

In 1989, he won an American Stratocaster signed by Jeff Beck and Stevie Ray Vaughan via a radio contest. Then, pure chance found him at the last ever Stevie Ray Vaughan concert.  After moving to Chicago, he worked at Buddy Guy’s Legends and busked the streets of the “Windy City.”  He doesn’t, however, see himself as a strict bluesman, although of course there’s an element of electric blues in his music.  He also draws on elements of roots rock, country and folk.  It makes for a musical melting pot and songs that Joe Rian feels are best “consumed in your local tavern.
I’m Gonna Love You‘ follows on from the 2019 release ‘Switchyard Sessions’ and last year’s single ‘Corner Tap.‘  It’s a song that’s got a gritty guttural guitar riff at its base, with Joe Rian’s vocal competing to be an even lower down whisky soaked growl.  Tender and romantic it is not, but Rian does declare that he’s in earnest “if you think that love ain’t true, I’m gonna love you.
 Joe Rian and the A.M. Drinkers are Joe Rian-vocals and guitar, Mike Dumont on bass, Jack Conely on drums, and B.C. Carter on guitar.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to review the track and premiere it!!
Amazingly thankful – joe