Track Premiere: Mr Alec Bowman_Clarke “Deleted Scenes”

Mr Alec Bowman_Clarke (it really is an underscore folks, not a hyphen so no snotty “you made a typo” messages thanks, we’re just happy to push the boundaries of accepted punctuation!) has a new EP lined up for release, called ‘A Place Like Home‘, and the first single from it is the opening track ‘Deleted Scenes‘.  It’s a slow stroll through a valley of regrets – all the things never done, all the things that cut out of the film and left on the editing floor.  It sounds like a perfect metaphor for the recent parlous state of the world, and Mr Alec Bowman_Clarke admits it was written during the pandemic.  He also says of the song: “I was trying to not write songs about lockdown.  I was also trying to not say that I wasn’t writing songs about lockdown. I didn’t want to even mention it, but everyone asks, so there you go.  I tried to concentrate on considering what I DID want to write songs about. Lockdown was good for that, at least.  I wanted to find something honest & worth saying amid the chaos & self-reflection that lockdown forced upon all but most privileged.

Of the song itself he adds “‘Deleted Scenes is about the search for meaning & a place in this lying, decaying late-stage capitalist nightmare of a reality we are fortunate enough to inhabit.”

The EP was produced by Josienne Clarke and the songs were recorded in three days in Lukas Drinkwater’s Polyphonic studio in Stroud.

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