Track Premiere: Nick Dittmeier & the Sawdusters “Things Are Getting Strange”

Photo: Chris Witzke

Nick Dittmeier & the Sawdusters decided to try a new direction with their music rather than just going back to the “old normal” once they were able to get out and play music again.  As Nick Dittmeier explains “At the height of the pandemic it became clear to me that—with everything we’d been through—there was going to be a different mind coming out the other side. As a band, we decided we weren’t going to try to go back and replicate who we were, or the reality we were living before covid, before all the civil unrest and the national racial reckoning. A lot of people were fixated on getting back to quote-unquote normal, but to me it seemed pretty obvious that wasn’t even on the table.

And that new attitude is clear and to the front on infectiously hooky new single ‘Things are Getting Strange‘ which does little to accommodate a world view that rejects science and embraces unreality, as Dittmeier sings of those who cling to a fiction “what a waste – rather just blast into outer space.

Things are Getting Strange‘ is taken from the new album, ‘Heavy Denim‘, the band’s third full length release which will be out on July 15th from sonaBLAST! Records.

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