Track Premiere: Silverback Colony “I Want More”

Silverback Colony are a loose musical collective made up of members from a number of bands gathered around guitarist Gabriel Douglas.  From a humble start as a rough and ready jam band in a North American Irish Pub, Silverback Colony became, as they put it “a band that could morph and meld into any sonic landscape it found itself in. A group of individuals that co-existed between notes and between growls as force to be reckoned with, from low shimmers to soaring, unleashed guitar gymnastics.” 

Big claims – but Silverback Colony back that up on today’s premiere, which takes a gut-wrenching vocal plea for an unspecified “more” and then grows that over a dozen minutes through successive waves of  stellar reaching guitar and music of the spheres piano.

 ‘I Want More‘, like so much music this year, grew out of the pandemic. Stuck at home with demo reels, guitars with slightly old strings, and a mind to put a lot of those things to use, Gabriel Douglas  started cutting away at unfinished songs until, with an overdub here and there, ‘I Want More‘ started to appear in all its sonic glory.  A glory that was fully achieved through further refinement by musical collaborator Kai Brewster.

You may notice that Silverback Colony’s video is flagged as Explicit – dear nervous reader we can reassure you that there is just one “fuck“, and you know hearing one “fuck” never hurt anybody.

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