Track Premiere: Slim Cessna’s Auto Club “Boucher”

Photo: Olivia Baker

This latest song from Slim Cessna’s Auto Club pivots on the ramifications of a mispronunciation: the character at the centre of the song rages, quite literally, against a fate which see’s him condemned to be a Butcher, when his name is Boucher.  Almost any other name, it seems, would be better:  “If I was a leader I would be the best leader“, adding “if I was a Lover I’d be the best Lover.”   As the band told Americana UK, remaining in character: “You sons of bitches, you’re all thicker than any cow I’ve cleaved. When you call your Fater, ‘Father,’ that doesn’t make him a priest. When a man’s name happens to be Mason that does not mean he hews stone. Moreover, my name is Boucher, not Butcher. I don’t know which imbecile first mouthed my name as Butcher, but it stuck. It stuck worse than dried offal. I tried to explain it to them, I wrote down my arguments, supported by facts, surrounded by history. Yet, another mistake by me, as if the humps could actually read my words. Their argument back at me was, ‘No, them words are writ on butcher paper and the butcher paper is tacked to a butcher’s door.’ That was the only thing they got right. They’re great logicians. By that time…I had given in. Their faith beat mine. I gut, cut, and carve. I give the bones to Taras Love; at least he’s happy. When I scratch and pet him I rub my hand along his back and envy his spine.”

Well, quite – and the Denver based dark-folk band weave a similar mysterious air about themselves as one of several intertwined musical projects such as Denver Broncos UK (who are neither connected to the UK or the Denver Broncos), and Munly and the Lupercalians who released the prequel album ‘Kinnery of Lupercalia: Undelivered Legion’ to the current Slim Cessna’s Auto Club album ‘Kinnery of Lupercalia: Buell Legion’.  The sense of obscurification continues when one considers the band members – guitar and banjo for example is contributed by Lord Dwight Pentacost (formerly known as Reverend Dwight Pentacost) who we’re pretty sure isn’t a Lord.  Thankfully there is a Wikipedia page to help unravel a conundrum that has been some thirty years in the building.  One thing we can be sure of is that ‘Boucher‘ powers powerfully along, sweeping aside all logic and taking no prisoners.

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