Track Premiere: Stella Prince “Eighteen”

Stella Prince sings of the fears that can be induced by the imminent arrival of adulthood.  For the seventeen-year-old Stella Prince there’s the added angst of having missed out on a big part of those transition years, as she explained to Americana UK: “I feel like I lost half of my teenage years to the pandemic. I was 15 when the lockdown began and I’m about to be 18. My whole generation lost so much time growing up. So now that we’re adults, it just doesn’t feel real. We’re all scared of growing up.” These tentative feelings and half-realised fears are captured in the direct ‘Eighteen‘.

Stella Prince is, however, already well into her musical career. Precocious, one might say.  The only child of artistic parents (a painter and writer), she graduated high-school at the age of 15 and received her two-year college degree at the age of 16. Stella started voice lessons at the age of 4 and started her performing career at the age of 5, and has never looked back.  It totally made me absolutely love music. I love performing and it’s my favorite part of my career and of the music industry. I could do it every day of my life.”  Her first performance in Nashville was at the age of 15 at The Bluebird Cafeand she’s since performed at the Pig N’ Whistle in Los Angeles, Woodstock’s The Colony, The Falcon, Nashville Entertainment Weekly, Launch TV, Scenes Media, Greenwich Village Folk Festival, River Spirit Music, and at New York City’s The Bitter End. She’s currently booking a West Coast tour for the Autumn of 2022.

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