Track Premiere: The International Treasures “Leave A Little Love”

Photo: Tom Smouse

It takes no lack of confidence to name your band The International Treasures, and a little more yet to call your album ‘Together, We Are The International Treasures‘.  But it also takes a certain amount of self-deprecating humour.  With the help of a lot of friends, The International Treasures are at their core the duo of Doyle Turner and Ted Hajnasiewicz.  The funny thing is though that The International Treasures make a beautiful sound that is completely to treasure, as on today’s premiere of a song from the new album, which was released on September 17th.

Leave A Little Love’  is a beautiful ballad, pinging with pedal steel and rattling with mandolin.  It definitely has that “happy sad” feel to it, but it’s also a song which looks to inject a little optimism into life, encouraging the listener to look up and head “towards those brighter days, I know“.  

Leave A Little Love’  also features Joe Meyer – upright bass, Brent Fuqua – mandolin, Dean Severson – pedal steel, Mikkell Johnson – fiddle, vocal, Chris Holm – harmonica, Troy Foss – drums, and the “Love Choir” of Doyle Turner, Ted Hajnasiewicz, Joe Meyer, Nikki Lemire,  Mikkell Johnson, Molly Turner, Phyliss Hajnasiewicz, andTroy Foss.  We did say that they had a lot of friends…

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