Track Premiere: Toler Gibson “Old Dark Spirit”

Toler Gibson is releasing a new single titled ‘Old Dark Spirit‘ on July 21st on Meadows Heavy Recorders, but Americana UK readers get an early listen today. This is the 2nd single from the band’s upcoming LP.  It’s a song about longing for the days of yesteryear, underpinned by some cosmically rising pedal steel.  The sound could be any time in the last fifty years, but it’s a timeless sound that hasn’t dated.

Toler Gibson is a combination band name from the band’s founders – Gibson, a Canadian born, Texas raised Angeleno moved from LA to the mountains of Idyllwild and met Toler, a Seattle born and raised Angeleno who had moved to Idyllwild from LA, three years prior. The two bonded on their love of country, folk, & psychedelic music and immediately started pickin’ and singin’ their favourite classics in one cabin or another. The two have been in other known bands such as Bell Gardens and Winter Flowers. Toler Gibson started by playing their favourite old country tunes in the bars and roadhouses in Idyllwild but eventually turned into a fully fledged band.

On this recording the duo were joined by Marty Rifkin (Dwight Yokam, Springsteen, Tom Petty) on pedal steel and drummer Steve Didelot (Mapache, American Music Club).

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