Traveller “Blank Page” (TVL Records 2019)

Scottish country/Americana trio Traveller has made quite a statement with their latest release which clearly shows their influences of REM and Keith Urban. The band consisting of Gerry Sheridan (lead vocals, guitar and keyboard), Brian Socha (bass), Simon Usher (drum, vocals and piano) has made an impressive debut with several singles released before the album dropped in November, the stand out track being their first single ‘Old Stories’ which is an infectious toe-tapper of a song featuring a pure Scottish folk style in the instrumentation, yet delivering the song with a modern twist, which is a recurring theme on the album.

You can see their true country-rock music influences in the music on the album’s third track ‘Been Waiting’ which opens with a strong guitar intro- the song sounds like something you would expect to hear in the Nashville strip and shows the diversity of their musical ability.

For a debut album, it’s hard to find a fault with this record – it has all the fundamental characteristics of a good country/Americana album – some slow acoustic tracks, a couple of more upbeat ones, and some authentic country-rock. An impressive start.

A great debut from a Scottish trio

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