Tripliciti “In Lak Ech”

Photo: Pat Johnson

Well, here’s some good fortune – a Wednesday instrumental interlude on a Wednesday when we may need it more than ever, yeah St. LoveisAllAround day is here again bringing with it the promise of heartbreak and the misery of solitude.  We’ll drink to that!  So if romance hasn’t played out how you’d hoped what could be better than listening to this trio of fine gentlemen and their combined guitar wizardry?

Tripliciti is the coming together of three talented guitar players Andy McKee, Calum Graham, and Trevor Gordon Hall, blending together acoustic and electric guitars to make layered sounds which are far more than just gentle meditative tunes – although, to be honest they are that as well.  This is a single in advance of their self-titled debut album release which will be out on April 4th.  Music on that will feature triple acoustic guitar combinations as well as the acoustic/electric mix of songs like ‘In Lak Ech.’

In Lak Ech‘ was originally written by Calum Graham and released on his 2019 solo album ‘Thread of Creation’.  He says of the song that: “I wrote this song for my good friend Danny Choi when he lost his father. The parts that Andy and Trevor came up with are sublime and really bring this song to another level to make it more colourful, expansive, and more powerful than I could have ever imagined.”  Whilst Trevor Gordon Hall adds that “This piece holds a great deal of emotional weight when we perform it.  There are various elements at play but, for me, it has such a profound and powerful intensity that I absolutely adore.

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