Twain “2 Lovers” – Golden Memories

Photo: Malerie Day

We’re taking a blissed out approach to the start of the week with this new song from Twain’s album ‘Noon‘ (which will be released October 21st on Keeled Scales).  ‘2 Lovers‘ finds songwriter Matthew Davidson reflecting on an old love which was intense to the extreme ‘we were only two lovers and now I can see that I felt like a brother, a father, a son your brother‘.  It’s a reflection, though, that’s tinged with doubts and guilt “I wonder now, was that wrong? / For I wonder is that how it goes?“.  Deep waters, as our resident psychotherapist might say.

Davidson has said of the song that “‘2 Lovers’ is the oldest song on Noon, from the end of my time living in New York. The bar in the song was called Manhattan Inn, in Greenpoint. I was briefly employed there as a bar-back. There was a beautiful room in the back with tables and benches against each wall and a fucked-up grand piano in the centre of the room. It was a great place to see shows, with the audience surrounding the band in a hush. I remember sets from Adrianne Lenker, Nick Hakim, Joanna Sternberg, and really special was working the brunch shift, juicing lemons in the hard sunlight while Dylan Meek made jazz music on the piano.”

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