Vanessa Peters “Modern Age”

Idol Records, 2021

Aiming for the mainstream demographic this is a crowd-funded, brash and rocky development from the Texas and Italy based singer-songwriter.

artwork for vanessa peters album "Modern Age"Opening with the title track, a breezy anthem with an earworm of a bridge, the stall is well and truly set out. Here is a positive statement of intent delivered with gusto and panache, the production bringing the guitars to the fore and smoothing the harmonies to a West Coast sheen. ‘Make Up Your Mind’ follows: again, lazy electric guitars and a thumping bassline leads to a great chorus. There are real hints of Lissie and Melissa Etheridge here and they are not bad touchstones. The first single from the album ‘Crazymaker’ is a proper driving song, all propulsive drums and chiming guitars topped off with Peters’ whipsmart vocal. This could be a Tom Petty track circa mid-eighties.

There are more indie moments such as the edgy, jerky ‘Hood Ornament’ with its staccato guitar shronking or the Benataresque ‘Never Really Gone’. However the real strength of this album lies not just in the quality of the songwriting which is excellent throughout but also in Peters’ voice which has a beautiful timbre that’s packed with power and nuance. Stand out track ‘The Weight of This’ highlights this strength and control and reminds very much of Suzanne Vega in full flight.

This is a cracking album. Recommended.


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