Mighty Oaks “Ghost” – Listen

Berlin based Mighty Oaks have another single from their new album ‘Mexico‘, which is out on May 7th.  With soaring harmony vocals it moves from the possibly romantic to the slightly threatening – is this love or is this something more deranged?  That’s no accident, as the band explained: “‘Ghost’ is a song that will be interpreted depending on where you at in your life – you can either see it as the most real love song that there is; a real and honest meaning like acknowledging the fact that being in a relationship or being in love or giving yourself to someone isn’t always easy. In fact it could be god damn hard – it just can rock you to your core. But than at the end of the day it’s because it’s so real because you go through so many fundamental feelings with that person you know that the relationship and the bond that you end up forming is something that will last until you die. So you could say ‘until you’re a ghost to me’ means ‘I’m with you’ kind of forever it’s just a different way of putting that settlement. Or you can look at it being like this is the anti-love song like being in love is shit nothing but hardship and than it could be like a breakup song like ‘Until you’re a ghost to me’ means ‘you’re dead to me’. So I think it’s up for interpretation in there, people are gonna find what they want in the song.”

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