Video: Adam Douglas “Joyous We’ll Be”

Beautifully shot on location in Adam Douglas’s adopted home of Norway, the video for ‘Joyous We’ll Be’ brings hope in troubled times.  Douglas has never been a political songwriter until now.  Yet, he sees the world he knows, “…falling to pieces,” and felt the urge to write about unity and a dream that humanity will tackle the challenges we face collectively.  Jeff Wasserman, another American based in Norway collaborated with Douglas on this single.

Douglas explains: “Joyous We’ll Be is meant to be a musical call-to-arms for all to collectively recognise the current misgivings of today’s society. It reflects a large group of humans, banding together with an array of instruments – to raise our hands and voices together in song. Singing together about the overwhelming need for positive change and rejoicing together upon said change’s eventual arrival.”

Douglas was raised in Oklahoma but has now lived in Norway for the last decade, where he has become a household name.  With two albums to his name, Douglas also became the first person to win Stjernekamp (Battle of the Stars) on Norwegian television with an original song.  Now, ‘Joyous We’ll Be’ is the first single from his upcoming third full-length release.  It is an upbeat, uplifting, hopeful hymn for a Monday in US election week.  Enjoy.

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