Video: Banty Holler “Hit This Chord”

Photo credit: Remco Zwinkels

There’s such a great foot-tapping rhythm in this song from Banty Holler, recorded live at Remco Zwinkels’ studio.  Banty Holler is a musical project that has at times been a trio and occasionally a solo act.  However, Banty Holler is currently a duo with Neile H. Coe III on guitars and vocals and Gijsbert Diteweg on Dobro and lap-steel.  It always great to see and hear a Dobro being played prominently and both musicians display excellent finger-picking skills with a flurry of quick, slick notes tumbling from their instruments.  This is timeless and thoroughly enjoyable stuff.

Neile H. Coe III says of the song: “I was having some trouble navigating the day job, young kids and a stalled music career when I wrote this. ‘Hit This Chord’ is about pushing your way through middle age as the gears get harder to grind and pleasure seems harder to find.”  It’s a sentiment that many will be able to associate with and will appreciate the directness of the lyrics: “Too old to know what’s up // I’m too young to be washed up // So I’ll keep on keeping on // Singing these journeyman songs.”  Sometimes, it’s all we can do to just keep going, keep singing along.

This is taken from Banty Holler’s fifth album, ‘The Journeyman Songs’, which is out now.  The new album continues to blend various forms of roots music, including country, folk, rockabilly and blues, creating an authentic, absorbing sound.  Neile H. Coe III describes the album: “‘Journeyman Songs’ is for all the weekend warriors and the bar bands and the old country and blues singers bouncing around, a little worn down and world-weary but playing their hearts out nevertheless.”  Enjoy.

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