Video: Caitlin Cobb-Vialet “Ask Me”

Photo credit: Lindsey Ruth

Caitlin Cobb-Vialet is a multi-instrumentalist whose music feels immediately familiar.  The San Francisco songwriter delivers intriguing lyrics, full of personal details and images, in a gorgeously tuneful but conversational style that feels like she is baring her soul to you, sharing her secrets and herself.  It is this exposed vulnerability and intimacy that makes her music so effective.  ‘Ask Me’ is a perfect example, featuring both personal language and excellent musicianship.  The pitch and volume of her voice rise and fall; her piano notes roll and tumble, then pause and begin again; and we are pulled along by her thoughts, feelings, words and melody.  Cobb-Vialet says of the song: “‘Ask Me’ is a song I wrote inspired by the newfound feeling of safeness and understanding that I felt in my first queer relationship. At the end of the song, I come to the realisation that ‘even in love you’re still alone,’ alluding to the temporary nature of even powerful love.”

Sam Lasko directed the video, which is beautifully shot.  Images of paint, brushes and abstract art are interspersed with footage of Cobb-Vialet at her piano appearing to play and sing so naturally, so effortlessly, that it’s like an intimate conversation with with the viewer.  Lasko explains the creative ideas behind the video: “We focused mostly on Caitlin’s performance and the personal vibe of her space. The shots of her room nicely accent the performance and impart visual meaning to the lyrics. On one hand you have this mature and distinguished artist singing her heart out, and then on the other you’re seeing some of her root; paintings and a little sneak peek into the origin of her artistic path.”  Jim Greer, producer of the forthcoming album adds: “‘Ask Me’ is so simple and personal (we call it our ‘Norah Jones’ song) that we cooked up the notion of opening the doors to her bedroom, her home piano, and just showing her in her element, almost like an origin story.” Indeed, it does feel as though we’ve been invited into Cobb-Vialet’s home territory, where she feels safe enough to share her innermost thoughts.

The single is taken from Cobb-Vialet’s forthcoming album ‘Endless Void’, which is due out on 6th May 2022.  Look out for it as Caitlin Cobb-Vialet is definitely one to watch.  In the meantime, enjoy the personal, introspective ‘Ask Me’.

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